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Can you blur or replace the background in a video call?

This is not possible as yet. We are aware that many schools ask for this feature and we hope to introduce it later this year, at which point we will let administrators know. For now, we would advise teachers to, if possible, take their appointments with a blank wall behind them if they are concerned.


Can multiple teachers join the same video call?

Yes, up to 3 teachers, in different locations, can be part of the same video call with the parent. The teachers have to be booked together in a single appointment, please contact the Data Team if you need any assistance setting this up.

Note that a call can have a maximum of 4 people in it at any one time. In cases where a school has assigned 3 teachers to take joint appointments for a class, the parent can still invite a guest, but once the number of participants in the call reaches 4 no further people can join it (unless one of them leaves).


Can Teachers test their camera/microphone set up?

Yes. they simply log in as normal, go to any video parents evening you have made available to them and on which they have an appointment, and press the green Join Video Appointments button to test their camera/microphone at any time - up to and including the time of the appointment.


Can a live transcript/subtitles be shown?

It's not possible to show subtitles.


How do we see if a parent attended the video call?

You can view attendance via the Manage Appointments page and in Attendance Reports.
When a parent attends a video call, their attendance is automatically changed to Present for the appointment.

If they do not log in to an appointment it is left as Unknown. The teacher will need to change the attendance from unknown to absent.

How do I start my Parents Evening and how do I move to the next appointment

First click on the "Join Appointment" button when you log it. It will take you through your settings and then connect you to your first appointment at the start time. The system will automatically hang up the call for you at after 5 minutes to switch to the next parent so make sure you keep an eye on the time (You do have the option to end a call early if you have finished the conversation). The system will then automatically connect you to your next appointment at the next starting time.


Any Further Queries

If you have any questions then please contact the Data Team.