Places for September 

This page provides information for parents/carers considering making an application for a child transferring from primary school in September. If you are considering making an application at any other time please read the “In Year” section below or for more information please contact us. 

The timeline for allocating Year 7 places at Bedminster Down School is determined by the Local Authority and is explained on their website.

While parents have the right to choose a preferred school, the number of places available at that school may limit the choice. Usually, Bedminster Down School is over-subscribed and therefore places are allocated strictly in line with the admission code and our criteria. If Bedminster Down School is your school of choice it is important you put us as the first choice on your application form for a Year 7 place. 

Please note that applications for places in Year 7 for September must be made through your ‘home’ local authority and will be dealt with in line with locally agreed procedures. If you live in Bristol and pay your council tax to Bristol City Council you apply to them for a Year 7 secondary place at Bedminster Down School. 

Application timetable

  • 31 October 2023

    Final date for applications

  • 3 November 2023

    Final date for changes of address

    3 November 2023

  • 1 March 2024

    Offers of a school place sent to Parents & Carers

  • 15 March 2024

    Parents & Carers must respond to the offer of a school place

    15 March 2024

  • 24 April 2024

    Deadline for on-time appeals

  • May to July 2024

    School appeals held

    May to July 2024

Late applications 

All applications must be submitted to the child’s home Local Authority (LA) by the closing date of 31 October. Under the Local Authority’s secondary coordinated scheme, any parents refused a place for the new Year 7 intake may ask for their child’s name to go on the waiting list where the name will remain for at least one term from the start of the academic year until 31 December. Any late applicants should complete their home LA’s common application form as soon as possible. 

In year admissions 

Requests for in-year transfer school places are normally only considered approximately six weeks before the requested start date. If the place is being sought for a September admission to an existing year group, applications can be made in mid-June. 

We welcome and recommend visits from parents and prospective students to see Bedminster Down School at work, before applying.  Please contact the School Office by phone or via for further details or to arrange a visit. 

To apply for a school place in year, you will need to complete and return the below application form direct to the school. 

FAQs on admissions

What policy is used to admit children to school?

The school publishes the admissions policy each year; any changes have been consulted with the Local Authority and Community. For more information please see our Admissions Policy.

What is your catchment area?

Bedminster Down School has a single area of first priority responsibility available on the Local Authority’s website here. We mainly serve Bedminster Down, Highridge, Bishopsworth, Headley Park, Novers Park, and Lower Knowle. We also have students currently on roll from outside of this area in Hartcliffe, Withywood, Ashton, and Bedminster.

How does my child get a year 7 place at the school?

At the start of Year 6, you will be sent a letter about the secondary transfer process and about how to apply for a secondary school place. You apply to your home local authority by the closing date of 31 October, for a school place the next year. 

Does the school give priority to applications from pupils enrolled at any particular school? 

Yes, under our admission policy priority is given to children who are on the roll in Year 6 at Cheddar Grove Primary School, Bristol, or Wansdyke Primary School, Bristol, (both named feeder schools) on November 9th of the year of application.

When will I hear if my child has got a place?

On 1 March an offer of a school place is made to parents/carers who have applied by the closing date.

By mid-March, parents/carers must accept or reject the offer made by the Local Authority.

What if my child is not offered a place in the first round of allocations on 1 March?

Although you may not be allocated a place at this point in the process, this does not mean that a place may not be allocated at a later date; there can be quite a lot of movement during the successive allocation rounds.

Parents/carers are asked to reply to Bristol’s Admissions to accept or reject the offer of a school made by mid-March.  Some may turn down the offer of a place here in favor of an alternative school. This can result in more places at the school potentially becoming available.  These places will be offered in the second round of allocations.  the second round of offer letters is sent out by Bristol Admissions in the first week of May

How are places at the school allocated?

According to the admissions criteria which are published in our admissions policy.

Admissions Policy 2023/24 (Pdf)

Admission arrangements 2024/25

How many students were admitted into Year 7 previously?

September 2020 – 219 students

September 2021 – 218 students

September 2022 – 219 students