Head of House

Mrs Heather Milburn

Assistant Head of House

Mrs L. Davis

Elizabeth Blackwell Tutor Groups:

Group Tutors
B7LEH Miss L.Hill
B7JHU Mr J. Hughes
B8DC Mr D. Chaplin
B8JPN Mr J. Parsons
B9RJN Miss R. Nichols
B9RB Mr R. Bedwell
B10HCH Mrs H. Chappell
B10NLP Miss N. Leyden-Preece
B11DL Miss D. Laugharne
B11LWI Mr G. Claridge & Miss L. WIlding

The house carries a blue badge which the students wear with pride in addition to Elizabeth Blackwell’s name, a hugely celebrated Bristolian after whom we take our house name.Growing up in Bristol, Elizabeth Blackwell battled all her life and her successes were monumental. As the first official UK medic, she won the enthusiastic support from some prominent medical figures and the grudging acceptance of women into medicine. In 1881, there were only 25 female doctors registered in England and Wales but by 1911 there were 495 registered as a result of her work. This is the kind of belief, determination and success we aspire for in our Blackwell House students and just as Elizabeth Blackwell is celebrated for her successes, we feel it is only right that the successes of the students in our house should be celebrated.