Head of House

Mrs C. Cushing

Assistant Head of House

Miss H. Fawcett

Hannah More Tutor Groups:

Group Tutors
M7RBS Mrs R. Beasley-Suffolk
M7CH Mrs C. Hobbs
M8LHD Miss L. Hodder
M8CA Mrs C. Deering & Mrs C. Adams
M9LHS Mrs L. Hobbs
M8HC Mr H. Childs
M10SMY Miss S. Mistry
M10TB Mr T. Booth
M11RT Mrs R. Tucker-Hanlon
M11TH Mr T. Harris

House Information

In my role as Head of More House I always strive to keep three principles at the forefront of the day to day running of the House.  These are –

  • Celebration of students successes (both academic and otherwise)
  • Fairness and consistency
  • Supporting students to maximise their potential

Education in Britain can often be seen as a journey towards getting the best GCSE results possible.  Whilst this is undoubtedly important, it is my belief that there is a much bigger picture to education and it is my aim to ensure our students recognise and celebrate their successes in all aspects of their life.  In recent years we have had students complete the incredibly demanding Ten Tors challenge, gain horse riding rosettes, compete in national football finals, represent the school at science and maths competitions, raise significant amounts of money for charity, develop a school in Tanzania & gain excellent examination results.  I am equally proud of all their achievements and am always keen to hear about the on-going achievements & successes of our students.

Secondly, I am very aware of the need for fairness and consistency.  Our students very correctly have a real sense of fairness and it is always my aim to ensure that they are treated in a respectful and fair manner.  An education needs to be a collaborative effort between the staff, students and parents.  Fairness and consistency are absolutely key in ensuring the positive environment needed for this.

Finally, it is my aim to support all of our students whatever their needs to maximise their potential so they can get the most out of their time in school.  Very often this support comes directly from my tutor team and on occasion more directly from the house staff.  I appreciate the need to treat all students as individuals and am constantly striving to provide any support that is needed so students are able to thrive in their time at Bedminster Down School.