We believe that homework makes an invaluable contribution to students’ progress and should be used to reinforce or extend what is learned in school as well as to support students to develop effective independent learning habits. Students are expected to undertake homework to the best of their ability and we hope that they will feel a sense of personal satisfaction after completing tasks and from these efforts recognised and celebrated. We ask parents and carers to support us in supporting their child’s independent learning by providing a suitable space for completion of tasks and ensuring that homework is completed on time and with maximum effort.

We understand that homework is often an area of anxiety for students starting at secondary school and we try to do everything we can to help them to manage this transition.

How much homework will my child get?

Students should expect to complete approximately one hour of homework each school day.

What kinds of tasks will my child be set?

We want homework to be a productive use of students’ time and, where possible, for students to enjoy completing these tasks. A wide range of tasks and projects are set, ranging from interviews and experiments to research and essay writing. Where appropriate, homework will be set according to student need.

How will my child record their homework?

All homework is set using our online platform, Student portal, so students and parents can easily see what has been set and access any necessary resources. We thank our parents for their support in checking deadlines and helping to ensure homework is completed and deadlines met.

For those students who need extra support with organisation or for where access to student portal is more difficult, we can provide physical personal homework organisers and extra support in time management and organisation.

How will I know how to support my child with their homework?

We ask parents to check their My Child At School app (MCAS) regularly to see what has been set and to have regular conversations with their children about what they are working on. Our school library gives students access to IT facilities and offers an additional location where students are welcome to work and complete their homework. The library is open before school, each break and lunchtime, and after school Monday – Thursday.

What if I have a question about the amount of time my child is spending on their homework or the homework being set?

We ask parents to send any queries via kparsons@bedminsterdown.org.uk stating the nature of the query and the subject where there is a particular question. All email is directed to the relevant subject teacher for response.

How do I find out more about Student Portal & MCAS?

If you have any problems, please email the helpline kparsons@bedminsterdown.org.uk. The Year 6 Open Evening provides prospective parents with the opportunity to find out more about how Student portal & MCAS work.

Who can I talk to about worries with homework?

Parents are asked to speak to their child’s tutor for general worries and subject teachers for subject specific questions via office@bedminsterdown.org.uk.