Head of House

Miss K. Clark

Assistant Head of House

Mrs J. Burge

John James Tutor Groups:

Group Tutors
J7MTU Mr M. Tugwell
J7LH Miss L. Hancock
J8SPR Mr S. Priday & Mrs E. Seton-Mead
J8MBY Mr M. Bailey
J9TP Mr T. Pease
J9ES Mrs E. Smith
J10CTR Miss C. Taylor
J10MS Miss M. Solomon
J11FE Ms F. England
J11ABR Mrs A. Brown

Our house was named after the local Philanthropist John James. John James was born in Bedminster and throughout his life gave millions away to good causes. His charitable work continues through the ’John James Foundation’, including a donation of one million pounds to the Children’s Hospital.

The son of a docker, John James worked hard throughout his and it was belief and determination that enabled him to become such a successful businessman. These are the qualities that we aspire for all of the students in our house- and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about all of our students successes throughout their time at Bedminster Down School.