Literacy and Library


At Bedminster Down School, we prioritise literacy. We recognise that having good literacy skills provides students with the ability to communicate effectively and engage with the world around them, so their development forms an integral part of our curriculum.

When students start with us in year 7, they complete a reading age assessment which enables us to identify students who need extra support with reading and implement appropriate interventions. We ensure that teachers and parents know how to support these students, both in lessons and at home. Throughout their time here, our students’ reading ability is regularly monitored and support is offered where necessary.

We love to read and we promote this with our students. All year 7 students have a fortnightly lesson in the library and our students are encouraged to read as widely as possible outside of school.


We have a spacious and well-stocked library featuring a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books to suit the tastes of any reader. Students are encouraged to borrow books for enjoyment at home. Our library also boasts a computer suite and students are welcome to use these facilities to support their completion of homework before and after school.