Research shows that homework can make a really big difference to your independence and achievement and we believe homework should be used to reinforce or extend what you learn in school. We expect every student to undertake homework to the best of their ability and we hope that you will feel a sense of personal satisfaction after completing tasks and from the achievement points and recognition you gain as a result of this effort.

Everyone will find homework challenging at some point in their school career and although that challenge may sometimes be a good thing, if it ever feels like too much of a struggle, your teachers are here to listen and help.

How much homework will I get?

You should expect one hour of homework each school day, completing one to two homework activities.

How should I organise and record my homework?

The vast majority of students prefer to use our online platform Student Portal to manage learning outside the classroom. All homework is set using student portal so you and parents can easily see what has been set and access any necessary resources. If you need extra support with organisation or if access to student portal is difficult, please speak to your teacher or tutor.

Where can I find my homework?

All homework will be uploaded to the student portal for you by teachers. You can get to student portal by the button below:

Online homework

We have three online resources used for homework:

  • GCSE Pod – used in a variety of subjects
  • Tassomai – used for Science homework
  • Sparx – used for Maths homework.

Guides for each of these resources can be found here: