Uniform and Equipment


From January 2024 your child will need the following:


Our school uniform is an important expression of our pride in ourselves as a school and we expect all students to be in correct uniform.

We are proud of our uniform and expect it to be worn at all times.  It has been designed to be inexpensive and easy to look after.  Our supplier is Harris Sports.

Standard uniform

  • Black sweatshirt with embroidered badge and school logo
  • White polo shirt with embroidered badge and school logo
  • Plain, black tailored trousers or black knee length skirt
  • Plain black or neutral tights.


  • Plain black footwear. Footwear should be safe and sensible. Shoes without backs, boots and footwear with non-black logos or flashes are not allowed.


  • Students are not permitted to wear jewellery at school (including rings and bracelets). The exceptions to this rule are that students may wear a watch and one small single stud in each ear. Students will be required to remove any items of jewellery which contravenes this code; they will be confiscated.

Nose studs/facial piercings

  • Jewellery as a result of any facial piercing (including tongue piercing) is not acceptable.  Where students have nose piercings a discreet, clear plastic retainer is permitted
  • If you do decide to allow your child to have additional piercings please ensure that they are removed for school.

Make up and nail varnish

Make up of any description is discouraged; discrete personal make-up will be allowed on students. Students will be required to remove any excessive make up. Nail varnish is not allowed. False nails are not allowed. Please do not send your child to school wearing false nails.


Hair must be natural coloured, shaved patterns in hair or eyebrows are not permitted.

Outdoor wear

All students should have a suitable coat for outside wear. All outdoor garments must be removed on entering the building and placed in the student’s locker or bag. This will ensure all students are in uniform in the building.

School bag

All students should have a sensibly sized school bag for storing books, equipment and any outdoor garment if a locker is not used to do so. Handbags are not acceptable as a school bag.


Tattoos are unacceptable at Bedminster Down. They are also illegal for any student under 16. If any student contravenes this the school will examine this is a safeguarding issue and report it to the relevant authorities.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must not be used or seen during school hours; phones will be confiscated in such circumstances and parents/carers may be asked to collect them after contact from the school. The school accepts no liability for phones lost or stolen in school.

Where students have a cultural or religious issue regarding certain items of clothing, jewellery or other item it should be placed in writing to the Headteacher with supporting evidence. Please note that where students do not comply with school uniform expectations, action will be taken through the school sanction process and this may include being sent home to change or amend any non-uniform or associated issues. Non-uniform items will be confiscated, and returned at the end of the day.  The decision of the Headteacher or her delegate is final in such matters.